Recent editorial clients include Afar, AARP, BBC, Sierra, National Geographic, The Seattle Times, Hidden Compass and Scuba Diving. I’ve also contributed to Airbnb, American Forests, CVS Health, PADI, Rutgers, Seaborn, United Airlines and T Brand Studios New York Times.

Much of my energy has been absorbed by books and teaching projects like founding the online academy Write Like a Honey BadgerI also edited Due North, the Lowell-Thomas winning book by the fabulous Lola Akinmade Åkerström.

Seattle remains my home base. Recent trips include:

    • Cotopaxi & Pappallacta, Ecuador
    • Ukraine
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Botswana
    • Dominica
    • Andalusia, Spain
    • Rome, Italy
    • Scotland
    • Switzerland
    • Hood Canal, WA
    • Hood River, OR
    • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    • Great Bear Rainforest & Bella Bella, BC
    • Kootenay Rockies & Whistler, BC
    • Montreal and Ottawa
    • Maui, Kaua’i, Oahu and The Island of Hawaiʻi
    • BC’s Sunshine Coast
    • Southeastern Oregon (Steens, Alvord)
    • Paddle expedition & whale camp, Baja
    • Oliver Ossoyos wine country, BC

Next up: Iceland, BC’s Toba Inlet and the Olympic Peninsula
Please email if you have editorial needs in these (or any other) areas

50th Anniversary ‘Love Boat’ Throwback Cruise
Cruise Critic, June 15, 2023
Photos and text: A slideshow chronicling that time I convinced the Love Boat cast to recreate their classic roles (Republished from 2015)

All about meadowscaping
The Seattle Times, March 19, 2023
The low-maintenance ecolawn with ancient allure

City Guide to Seattle
AARP, January 20, 2023
Iconic landmarks, art and fresh seafood define the Emerald City

Smart Guide to Solo Travel
AARP, January 5, 2023
Inspiration and advice for roaming the world alone (members only access, PDF here)

Richmond grows greener using hyperlocal data
American Forests, winter/spring 2023 (pages 4-5)

How This Montana Resort Brings Adventure into Every Season
Virtuoso (sponsored content), January 2023
Roast s’mores under the stars or learn how to ride a MoonBike at The Resort at Paws Up and The Green O.


Autumn 2022 coverage for Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s “Pulse” magazine included Institutional Recovery from COVID, High-Tech Prostate Biopsy and Treat the Whole Patient Not Just the Trauma

An atlas-cedar archway, freshly cleaned stone patio and shiny BBQ, below vibrant turquoise-and-gold octopus folk artGreen tips for keeping your patio pavers weed-free
The Seattle Times, September 29, 2022

Policymakers Race to Curb Edible Waste
Striving for 2030 sustainability goals amid the climate crisis
Sierra, August 20, 2022

Local DIYers share their tips for tackling a midsize home project in a single weekend
The Seattle Times, August 19, 2022

Our Favorite Fall Getaways
We asked five travel writers for their must-see destinations for colorful foliage and outdoor fun
AARP, August 4, 2022

Flipping the Diagnostic Playbook
New York Times (via T Brand Studios), July 2022
How genomics is rewriting children’s treatment journeys and medical outcomes.

Seabourn’s New Ship Is Expedition Ready
Virtuoso, July 15, 2022
Suites, submarines, and style: Cruise the Amazon River or set sail for Antarctica on the Seabourn Venture

CVS projects included an animation script and articles on burnout, green energy and safe drug disposal.

How to create an outdoor cooking station and make more meals al fresco
The Seattle Times, July 26, 2022

Step Inside The World’s First Sunflower Sea Star Nursery
Washington scientists hope to help these oversized beauties fight rampant wasting disease.
Scuba Diving Magazine, July 22, 2022

Berlin Food Truck Dishes Up Invasive-Species Delights
Craving carp, swamp crayfish or Chinese mitten crab? Holycarp! has your back.

Micro greens: How Seattleites are maximizing even the tiniest of yards
The demand for outdoor space skyrocketed during the pandemic, as people sought safer places to socialize and reconnect with nature. And we aren’t walking away from this newfound passion.

Cremains on a driftwood raft sail across jade waters towards a turquoise ice berg. Clouds shroud the mountains in the distance. Image copyright amandacastleman.comBeyond the Lid of the World
Winner: Silver solas award, cruise category
Hidden Compass, Spring 2022
Photos and text: traversing 1,600 miles and memories to bring a late writer’s wish to life

Guide to Mount Rainier National Park
AARP, May 18, 2022
Ice, wildflowers and ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest

Dig Into Food-Upcycling Apps
Sierra, May 16, 2022
Digital solutions that save money and resources while slashing food waste’s massive emissions

What Happens if You Have a Medical Emergency on a Plane?
AARP, April 27, 2022
Here’s how airline crews handle passengers’ health issues during a flight

Small, by choice: These radical downsizers find freedom in the tiny house life
Seattle Times, April 20, 2022
Photos and text: Three-quarters of us greet spring by purging and polishing our homes, according to a 2022 American Cleaning Institute report. But for families like mine that have downsized into tinier dwellings, that process is more of a lifestyle choice than an annual end-of-winter event.

A little scarlet house with goldenrod trim, somewhat obscured beyond a mature maple with spring leaves. An atlas cedar archway, Little Free Library and bluebells complete the cute look!


Road Trip in Washington’s San Juan Islands
AARP April 2022
This 4-day journey includes art, ferries, orcas, pioneer history, and fabulous food

An Unforgettable Four-Day Road Trip Through Southern Arizona
AARP, April 2022
See a ghost town, historic Spanish missions, “sky islands” and more on this journey from Tucson

Every day is a Wild West costume party in this town
National Geographic, March 18, 2022
Historic reenactors, frontier architecture, and mock cowboy shootouts make a visit to Tombstone, Arizona, feel like time travel.


3 Fascinating Seattle Museums: MoPOP and More  
AARP, October 2021
Destinations that highlight pop culture history and immigrants’ experiences in the U.S.

Various stories for Vouch, including startup growth strategydeveloping a risk strategyequity versus debt financingconflict of interesthybrid work environmentsfintech insurancerising insurance costs and crime insurance.

Seattle: Local TakesCover of the penultimate "American Way" magazine for American Airlines. It features writer Liny West in front of the curvy, mirrored plains of Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture. Her blonde hair is down and lightly curled, and she's wearing a navy dress with a white print. The main headline says "Seattle."
American Way cover story, May 2021
Three notable locals show us how to do their town, their way

Jersey Roots, Country Vibe
Bridgewater Lifestyle, May 2021
The lead singer of Southpaw is a Jersey Girl who gets to the heart of life through country music

The Founders Aren’t Alright
Vouch, April 2021
Founders and CEOs often feel the need to lead by example, working the hardest and the longest. However founders are struggling to stay above water during the pandemic.

How One Man’s Obsession Created the Edmonds Underwater Park
Scuba Diving Magazine, April 2021
Bruce Higgins created a movement of divers that transformed a Seattle-area patch of sand into a beloved dive site. Read the web-version.

A coldwater diver floats over a field of white plumose anemones. The water is turquoise.

Recycling Rock
Bridgewater Lifestyle, April 2021
The Green Planet Band believes change begins local and grows global

Savoring Time in the Okanagan Valley
Morning Calm Magazine, March 2021
I illustrated Karen Gardiner’s lovely eight-page story on British Columbia.

Why Hackers Target Startups
Vouch, January 2021
The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports a 400% surge in online crimes since the pandemic began and Americans’ activities moved increasingly onto the internet.


The Krill of it All
The New York Times, August 11, 2020
How a tiny crustacean can have a huge impact on your well-being

AARP’s Guide to Washington’s Olympic National Park
August 7, 2020
Emerald wilderness, ancient trees, eagles, orcas and limited wi-fi

Little Free Libraries in Seattle have gained new life
The Seattle Times, May 31, 2020
(Images and interview) My friend Colleen Stinchcombe featured my book repository, as
Seattleites wait on libraries to reopen

How creative thinking helped Seattle flatten the curve
National Geographic, May 13, 20201
In the pandemic’s first U.S. epicenter, people are spurring innovation through art, science, and community.

Ride Out the Coronavirus in Your Backyard, Not the Backcountry
Sierra, March 2020
Residents in gateway communities ask visitors to stay home

How Creativity Can Help Us Cope with the Pandemic
Write Like a Honey Badger, March 2020
A Q&A with Alex Leviton, exploring how creativity can help ease coronavirus fears and lockdown pressures.

The Worse the Weather, the Better the Deal
American Way, February 2020
A retreat on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula incentivizes winter visits

Hit the North
Nations Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine, 2020
Ice bears and the aurora. Tundra willows just inches tall, set in a mosaic of moss and bright flowers. The North captivates with its sheer staggering beauty and its diversity—a true reflection of Canada. Experience the glory of the wilderness with these seven expert outfitters (p18).

Into The Wild
Nations Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine, 2020
Seventy percent of all remaining wilderness lies in Canada, along with Russia, Australia, the United States and Brazil. Discover three regions where you can still immerse in pristine nature (p12).

Lose Yourself in… Immersive Travel
Take a few days—or even a few weeks—to dive deep into the incredible culture and natural beauty of these Indigenous experiences… (p66)