I bring journalistic polish, reporting and fact-checking into content- and copy-writing projects, while maintaining a strict division between editorial clients and brand work ones.

  • Associations: AAA, AARP, APEX, PADI, Sierra and American Forests
  • Business, fintech and technology: American Express, Chase, GEICO, Shareable, Visa and Vouch
  • Medical and pharma: CVS, Boston Children’s, Kori Krill Oil, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, The University of Wisconsin and Vertex via The New York Times‘ T Brand Studio
  • Travel services and tourism boards: Airbnb, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Holland America, Maui Visitors & Convention Bureau, Seabourn Travel Tacoma, Thomas Cook, United, Virgin Atlantic, Visit Bellevue, VisitBritain, Visit Seattle, the Washington State Visitors Guide and the Washington Wine Guide
  • Other: Acura, Andria Mitsakos PR, AOL, Content Works (now Enveritas), Island Outposts, Jones Advertising, MSN, Writers.com and Yahoo



Conservation and the environment

All about meadowscaping
Seattle Times Marketing: The low-maintenance ecolawn with ancient allure

Dig Into Food-Upcycling Apps
Sierra: Digital solutions that save money and resources while slashing food waste’s massive emissions

Green tips for keeping your patio pavers weed-free
Seattle Times Marketing: Having been raised by hippies, I am always reluctant to deploy pesticides, even organic ones — especially when they might wash onto our newly transplanted moss lawn. So when a friend mentioned polymeric sand, a paver-joint filler, I researched just enough to make a bad decision.

Researchers Invent Reusable Netting To Clean Oil Spills
PADI’s Sport Diver Magazine: Scientists have invented a stainless steel mesh, which — scaled up — could separate oil and water for less than $1 per square foot.

Richmond grows greener using hyperlocal data
American Forests: On a scorching summer day in 2017, residents of Richmond, Va., put thermometers on their cars and drove around the city to gather data for a “heat map.”

Step Inside The World’s First Sunflower Sea Star Nursery
PADI’s Scuba Diving Magazine: Washington scientists hope to help these oversized beauties fight rampant wasting disease.

Medical and health

CVS Health: I covered various topics for the company’s internal magazine including beating burnout, safe drug disposal and the evolution of primary care. I also produced an animation script. Clips available on request.

Flipping the Diagnostic Playbook
New York Times x Boston Children’s via T Brand Studio: How genomics is rewriting children’s treatment journeys and medical outcomes.

Pioneering Transplant Center Continues to Innovate, Save Lives
The New York Times x University of Wisconsin via T Brand Studio: Center brings nearly 60 years of experience to treatments and its new pediatric heart program

High-Tech Prostate Biopsy
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s Pulse magazine: Great accuracy, less infection

What Happens if You Have a Medical Emergency on a Plane?
AARP Magazine: Here’s how airline crews handle passengers’ health issues during a flight

Travel and tourism

How to Support Green Efforts on Maui
Afar x Maui Visitors Bureau: Lots of companies and festivals are upping the eco-game on Maui. Here’s how to find them.

How One Man’s Obsession Created the Edmonds Underwater Park
PADI’s Scuba Diving Magazine: Bruce Higgins created a movement of divers that transformed a Seattle-area patch of sand into a beloved dive site. Read the web-version.

Lose Yourself in… Immersive Travel
Nations Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine (ITAC): Take a few days—or even a few weeks—to dive deep into the incredible culture and natural beauty of these Indigenous experiences… (p66)

Seabourn’s New Ship Is Expedition Ready
Virtuoso: Suites, submarines, and style: Cruise the Amazon River or set sail for Antarctica on the Seabourn Venture

Seattle: Local Takes
American Way cover story: Three notable locals show us how to do their town, their way

Smart Guide to Solo Travel
AARP: Inspiration and advice for roaming the world alone (members only access, PDF here)

Somebody’s Nonna: Sharing Space and Time With Seatmates
APEX Experience Magazine: My essay on holiday travel and compassion fatigue kicked off Afar’s Good Reads column for 2017!


Technology and business

The Founders Aren’t Alright
Vouch: Founders and CEOs often feel the need to lead by example, working the hardest and the longest. However founders are struggling to stay above water during the pandemic.

Why Hackers Target Startups
Vouch: The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports a 400% surge in online crimes since the pandemic began and Americans’ activities moved increasingly onto the internet.

More Fallout Over Greek Game Ban
Wired News: The Greek government’s sweeping ban of online games — intended to squash illegal gambling —has gamers, Internet café owners and other businesses seeing red. The European Union may step in to save the day. Amanda Castleman reports from Athens.